1 = end, extreme, far + Localización, reaches, extreme end, end point [endpoint], tip.
Ex. Scanning must start to the left of the bar codes and must continue past the right end.
Ex. At the two extremes, the order may simply be decided for each topic as and when it arises, and followed thereafter.
Ex. We'll select record '75' which is located on CD-ROM disc #4 (shown by the number on the far right side of the screen).
Ex. He went on to explain that while there were no unsightly slums, there was a fairly large district of rather nondescript homes intermingled with plain two- and three-family brick and frame dwellings, principally in the eastern reaches of the city.
Ex. However, it was possible to identify queries from the extreme ends of the specificity continuum.
Ex. The process reaches its end point when information is gathered, indexed and compiled into a useful format for public and library staff use.
Ex. Reportedly the tip of his nose is so damaged from the operations that the tissue has died.
* al extremo = to the extreme.
* al extremo norte = northernmost.
* al extremo oeste = westernmost.
* a lo extremo = to the extreme.
* al otro extremo = at the receiving end.
* a un extremo de la escala = at one end of the scale.
* del Extremo Oriente = Far Eastern.
* desde un extremo ... al otro = from one end ... to the other.
* de un extremo al otro = from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the sublime to the ridiculous.
* de un extremo a otro del país = cross-country.
* de un extremo de la ciudad a otro = cross-town.
* en el extremo opuesto = at the far end.
* en el otro extremo = at the other extreme.
* en el otro extremo de la escala = at the other extreme.
* en el otro extremo de la escala = at the other end of the scale, at the other end of the spectrum.
* en este extremo = to this extent.
* en un extremo de la escala = at one extreme.
* en un extremo ... en el otro = at one end ... at the other.
* extremo delantero = fore-end.
* extremo inferior izquierdo = lower left.
* Extremo Oriente, el = Far East, the.
* extremo + Punto Cardinal = furthest + Punto Cardinal.
* extremo superior = high end.
* hasta el extremo de = to the point of, up to the point of.
* hasta el extremo que = up to the point where, to the point where.
* jugar de extremo derecho = play + the left wing.
* llegar al extremo de = get to + the point of, go to + the extreme of.
* llegar al extremo de + Infinitivo = go + (as/so) far as + Infinitivo.
* llegar a un extremo = reach + epic proportions.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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